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DIY Guide


Nova wall cladding panels can easily be installed at home with no formal training. Our innovative panels have been designed for easy installation should you choose not to request installation from one of our professional installers.


  • Electric saw
  • Screw Driver
  • Screws
  • Tape measure
  • Spirit level
  • Filler (used for touching up, filling in any screw holes, seams or corners)

Install Guide

  • Steps:
    1. Start in left hand bottom corner. Use spirit level to install metal starter strip.
    2. Continue metal strip for the full length of wall.
    3. Place first panel onto starter strip and screw panel to wall. (min of 4 screws per panel)
    4. Continue installing panels (same row) left to right. Cut last panel to fit.
    5. Start new row above using left over piece from last row. Keep all panels as tight as possible.
    6. Continue this installing pattern till full high is reached. Trim final row to suit measurements.
  • Notes:
    • Where top of panels need to be trimmed (removing the hidden portion that holds the screws) then screws can be placed directly into front of panels. The holes can then be filled with any filler and touched up with matching paint.
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