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Are your panels fire resistant? 2017-07-18T07:57:52+00:00

Please refer to SGS Flammable Solids Tesing report click here

Can I get a sample before order placed? 2017-07-19T04:29:58+00:00

Yes, we can provide you with a sample, the cost is $20 per sample with FREE shipping within Australia.

How do I clean the panels? 2017-05-12T06:28:50+00:00

Cleaning the panels is easy. For exterior applications, simply rinse them down with a garden hose. For interior applications, you can wash them with soap and water or a mild detergent.

Can the panels be used as flooring? 2017-06-20T06:11:05+00:00

No. Nova Wall Panels can not be used as flooring. They are to be used on walls and ceilings only.


Can the Nova Wall cladding panels be used outside/inside? 2017-05-12T06:27:21+00:00

Yes, our panels are specially formulated to resist moisture, acidity, sun fading, insects and pests.


How real do the panels look? 2017-06-20T06:12:30+00:00

Nova Wall cladding panels are moulded from real brick, stone, wood, etc., which replicate every detail of the real thing. Each panel is hand painted with a multi-step process to make every panel realistic.

Is there any maintenance needed? 2017-05-12T06:26:38+00:00

After the sheets are installed, no maintenance is required.

How do I cut the panels? 2017-05-12T06:26:21+00:00

Cutting the panels is easy! You can use any wood cutting tool.

Can I attach your panels to concrete? 2017-05-12T06:25:58+00:00

Yes, the panels are glued to cement with Construction glue. You can also use “tap con” masonry screws in each corner of the panel. The caulking we provide will hide the screw heads.

How to install the panels? 2017-05-12T06:25:37+00:00

Nova Wall cladding panels are very easy and fast to install, only screw or glue needed for installation, saving 70% labor cost.

Are Nova Wall cladding panels durable? 2017-05-12T06:25:17+00:00

Yes, the density is 200kg/m3-250kg/m3. resistant to attack such as baseball, children walking chair, etc.

How much do panels weigh? 2017-07-03T02:01:32+00:00

1KG per panel, depending on the model.

What is the size of Nova Wall cladding panels? 2017-05-12T05:12:39+00:00

Around 120*30cm, depending on model. 

What are Nova Wall cladding panels made of? 2017-06-28T07:48:31+00:00
Nova Wall cladding panels are made of a specially formulated polyurethane, combined with fire retardants and UV inhibitors. Nova Wall Cladding uses insulated stone siding panels and accessories that are cast from actual stone and rock patterns.

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