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Refund Policy

Nova Wall Cladding attempts to ensure that the information contained in this web site (Nova Wall Cladding.com.au) is accurate and reliable, however, Nova Wall Cladding assumes no responsibility for any errors appearing in the information.

Further, all prices quoted on this website is indicative of prices on Nova Wall Cladding’s website only. All transactions are processed in Australian
Dollars (AUD). Persons intending to act on any information contained in this website should first check with Nova Wall Cladding to ascertain whether any later information is available in respect of the relevant items. If you are going to
rely on this information, it is highly recommended that you verify your results by contacting Nova Wall Cladding on: info@novawallcladding.com.au

Nova Wall Cladding will not be liable for any loss or damage arising directly or
indirectly from the possession, publication or use of or reliance on information obtained from this website. It is provided in good faith without express or implied warranty.

Please choose carefully as Nova Wall Cladding does not give refunds if you simply change your mind or make the wrong selection. Exchanges and refunds can be given where goods are faulty, wrongly described, different from a sample
shown to you or don’t do what they are supposed to.

All claims must be made within 3 days of delivery and before the goods are handled and/or used.

Claims must be made before products are installed, Nova Wall Cladding will not refund labour cost to remove and relay.

In order to obtain a refund or exchange for a product purchased from Nova Wall Cladding, you must have clear proof of purchase.

If we cannot be satisfied that you purchased the product from us then, under the law, we are entitled to elect whether or not to accept your product for return or exchange.

Where the manufacturer’s assessment finds that there is no fault with the goods, or that the goods have been damaged due to misuse or abnormal use of the goods by a third party not associated with Nova Wall Cladding, we will
have the right to refuse the claim for a refund or exchange.

Unfortunately, Nova Wall Cladding cannot offer a refund or exchange where the product has sustained damage due to abnormal use, wrong application or if the cause is the result of other products applied to it.

Unfortunately, Nova Wall Cladding will not offer a refund or exchange where the product has a colour variation to that of the website image or a sample taken.

While every care is taken to keep our colours uniform, due to the natural raw materials used, colour variation occur from batch to batch and is unavoidable.

Some chipping and breakage may occur during transportation. This should not exceed 5% of the total project and should be used for cutting.

The manufacturer will assess the products and determine whether the fault is a minor or a major one:

If the fault is minor and can be repaired within a reasonable time, the consumer cannot reject the goods and demand a refund. Nova Wall Cladding will offer
to fix the problem after an inspection by a representative. We may choose one of the following options:

Provide a refund; Replace the goods; Repair the goods. Or come to other arrangement that is suitable to both the company and client.

If the client feels that the fault is major, the client will need to notify Nova Wall Cladding of the situation as soon a practical and before the goods have been handled or used. Nova Wall Cladding will inspect the goods and determine if They are substantially unfit for their normal purpose and cannot easily be fixed within a reasonable time frame and will work with the client to rectify the situation by offering an exchange or a refund.

No refunds or Exchanges will be given if:

  • The goods have been thrown away, destroyed, lost or damaged through no fault of the supplier, after delivery to the client;
  • The goods have been attached to other property and cannot be removed without damage;
  • The goods have been installed incorrectly by a third party;
  • Too much time has passed.

When a refund is granted, we will refund the original purchase price of the products only via the same method of payment indicated on the receipt. If you are granted an exchange for another product, you will be offered the new product at its recommended retail price and in some cases the difference in price will have to be paid by the customer.

In certain circumstances, Nova Wall Cladding may at its own discretion refund the client for certain reasons other than the goods being faulty or not suitable.

It’s entirely up to Nova Wall Cladding to offer this solution and charges will apply for delivery costs involved and a handling fee of $100.